Peaches Elita™ Excellent quality.

All the production for Peaches comes from Pella and Imathia with the harvest being done by hand to avoid blows.

Peach sensitivity requires care in handling from harvest to final consumer. Peaches are packed in a wooden crate using special cases to protect it.

At ELITA™ we select and package delicious peaches of exceptional quality that arrive daily in every corner of Greece and abroad, winning over every consumer.

The whole production and storage process is certified. Management and storage takes place in modern privately owned refrigerators of ELITA™. The handling from production to packaging is done with privately owned refrigerated trucks.

Packaging – Standardization

Description Net Weight Dimensions Crate / Pallet

Single row wooden crate
3,8 – 4,5kg 27 x 47 x 10 200

Single row wooden crate
5 – 6kg 30 x 50 x 11 200