• Our company
    ELITA ™ was founded by two brothers, Dionysis and Moses, as a family business in 2012 in the city of Veria and has been running it ever since. The company deals with the wholesale export of fruits from Greece, the packaging and the immediate delivery to the buyer.

  • The trust of consumers
    Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers. This is how we have won the trust of the companies with the companies that cooperate worldwide.

  • Quality of services
    The reliability of our company is distinguished by the excellent services we offer daily to both customers and producers. Our product range includes all seasonal fruits, purchased directly from producers.

  • Fruit quality
    At ELITA™ we aim at fruit quality. This is achieved through continuous monitoring & control of the harvest by specialized agronomists as well as with the most appropriate choice of ripening stage.

  • Infrastructure
    The maintenance is carried out in ideal conditions in our perfectly technologically equipped infrastructure so that you can enjoy excellent quality ELITA™ fruit every time.