Cherries Elita™ Excellent quality.

The production for the Cherries comes from Pella, Imathia and Florina. The fruits are collected in a warehouse-refrigerator and in the same place the pre-cooling is done with a special hydro cooler.

Packaging takes place at ELITA™ headquarters where the state-of-the-art electronic calibrator ensures precise separation of sizes and shades.

At ELITA™ we aim at the quality of our fruits. This is achieved by continuous monitoring & control of the crop by specialized agronomists as well as with the most appropriate choice of ripening stage.

Packaging – Standardization

Description Net Weight Dimensions Boxes / Pallet

5 kg carton
5kg 40x30x12 150
2.5 kg carton (Pituffo) 2.5kg 30x20x12 256
Carton 10x500g 5kg 60x40x10 115