Strawberries Elita™ Excellent quality.

The production for Strawberries comes entirely from the areas of Elis with the packaging being done during the harvest due to the sensitivity of the fruit.

Management and storage takes place in modern privately owned refrigerators of ELITA™. The handling from production to packaging is done with privately owned refrigerated trucks.

With certified production and storage processes at ELITA™ we aim for high quality. This is achieved by continuous monitoring & control of the harvest by specialized agronomists, as well as with the most appropriate choice of ripening stage.

The maintenance is carried out in ideal conditions in our well-equipped technological infrastructure, so that every time you enjoy excellent quality ELITA™ strawberries.

Packaging – Standardization

Description Net weight Dimensions Boxes / Pallet
5 kg wooden box 5kg 50x30x12 136
Carton 10x500g 5kg 60x40x9 115
Carton 16x250g 4kg 60x40x9 115